Best answer: How do you improve the quality of yarn?

How do you increase yarn strength?

Factors that affect yarn strength are as follows –

  1. Staple length. Longer staple cotton gives higher strength and this is true even in the case of synthetic staple fibre such as nylon and terylene. …
  2. Fibre fineness. …
  3. Fibre strength. …
  4. Twist. …
  5. Evenness. …
  6. Fibre length variation and distribution. …
  7. Fibre finish. …
  8. General factors.

How do you reduce thickness in yarn?

Increase in twist binds the yarn more tightly together which reduces on the number of thick places/km.

Why longer fibre causes for enhance yarn strength?

Longer fibres, therefore, produce yarn with a greater twist loss, i.e. a lower actual twist. This factor can therefore further lead to reduction in the strength of yarns produced from long fibres.

Which yarn have the higher strength?

Vectran is the brand name for a high-performance thermoplastic multifilament yarn spun from Vectra ® liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound Vectran fiber is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum.

What is CSP in yarn?

C.S.P is the product of English count and strength of yarn in pound. i.e. C.S.P = Strength of yarn in pound x Count in English system. Again, English count is the no. of hanks in 840 yards length per 1 pound weight of yarn.

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What do you think about the contribution of fiber properties to yarn quality?

Yarn Strength: Short fiber reduces yarn strength. Yarn Evenness: Short fiber causes yarn unevenness.

Important fiber properties considered for spinning.

Fibre Properties Contribution (%)
For Ring Yarn For Rotor Yarn
1.Fibre length 22% 12%
2.Fibre uniformity 20% 17%
3. Fibre strength 20% 24%

What is IPI in spinning?

The imperfection index (IPI) is the sum of yarn thin places/ km (-50%), thick places/km (+50%) and neps/km (+200%) per kilometer of tested yarn for ring spun yarn [2, 59] .

What is yarn imperfection?

Imperfections can be defined as the total number of neps, thick and thin places in a given length of yarn. … A yarn with more imperfections will exhibit poor appearance grade, lower strength and poor performance in weaving is likely to produce fabric with low quality.

How faults are generated in yarn?


Bad condition of carding, blow room, trash in yarn. Fluffs foreign matters, dirty drafting zones, neps. Ring front zone dirty, fly waste in trumpet. Fibres damaged in process, spindles without aprons.

What is the main difference of thick place and Neps?

Thin places indicate the mass reductions, thick places indicate the mass increase and neps indicates the increase of short mass. Average of ten tests was taken for final result at each trial.