Best answer: What can I knit with mini skeins?

What can I make with a mini skein set?

You can do anything with mini skeins that you would do with other odd bits of yarn, such as:

  1. Add stripes to an otherwise solid-color project.
  2. Knit the fingers of gloves different colors than the hand.
  3. Work socks in odd stripes, or keep some stripes consistent across the socks to make them look more like a pair.

What can I make with mini skeins and Advent?

Project ideas

  1. Blankets – adding a row or a square to a blanket is probably the easiest advent project.
  2. Socks – scrappy socks for the win! Bonus points for knitting in your ends as you go.
  3. Shawls – easily work stripes into lots of patterns.
  4. Sweaters – depending on your yardage requirements.

What is a knitting Advent?

Yarn advent calendar = yarn + surprises

The advent calendar contains yarn for a knitting project as well as of course a knitting pattern and careful instructions, to help you from start to finish on the project.

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