Can I bind a quilt with the backing?

Can you piece the backing of a quilt?

If your quilt top is wider or longer than the width or length of your backing fabric, you will need to piece the backing. If seams are necessary, you need to decide whether your want them to be horizontal or vertical on the back of the quilt. If your quilt is 40 to 60″ wide, horizontal seams save on yardage.

Can you machine stitch binding on a quilt?

Use a 1/4-inch seam and stitch the binding to the quilt. Stop about 3 inches from the corner. (Hint: A walking foot helps keep the quilt layers from shifting. You can also machine or hand baste the quilt’s edge just inside the 1/4-inch seam before adding the binding.

Can you use fleece instead of batting?

Using fleece for batting feels almost the same as traditional batting. … It is light-weight, warm, and even more durable than most quilt batting because it does not shift and breakdown as quickly when washed. It is also easier to work with fleece batting than quilt batting because it does not have fibers that separate.

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