Frequent question: What is 1×2 rib stitch?

What does 2×1 rib mean?

2×1 Rib Knit. Textured rib knit with a comfortable stretch—made to be worn alone or layered. 2-Way Zipper. A zipper with two zipper pulls so the garment can be unzipped from either direction. 3-in-1 Jacket.

What is rib stitching?

Rib stitch is a textured vertical stripe stitch pattern and is created by alternating knit and purl stitches in the same row, then knitting the same stitch in the next row. This forms columns of knit and purl stitches, and is often used for cuffs or brims.

What is a knit t-shirt?

In simple terms: Knit fabric is t-shirt fabric and woven fabric is mens dress shirts or bed sheets. Knit fabric is looped together and stretches. Examples of knit are single jersey, interlock, pique, rib and ponte roma. Woven fabric is interlaced at right angles. Woven fabric does not stretch.

How do you do a 2 2 rib stitch?

To create 2 x 2 ribbing, cast on a multiple of 4 stitches. Next, work every row: *K2, p2; rep from * to end of row. Repeat this row for the length of your piece. If you want your piece to begin and end on 2 knit stitches, add 2 to the multiple that you cast on at the beginning.

How do you knit a 2 by 2 rib stitch?


  1. Step 1: Knit 2 stitches.
  2. Step 2: Knit these two stitches together through back loop (k2tog tbl)
  3. Step 3: purl 1 stitch.
  4. Step 4: Purl the two stitches on your right needle together (p2tog)
  5. Step 5: Purl another stitch and p2tog (so repeat steps 3+4)
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