Frequent question: What is the purpose of spacer beads?

What are spacers in Jewellery?

Spacer bars have varying numbers of holes and are used to create multi-strand necklace or bracelet designs. End Bars are used to finish off multi-strand designs as well as others for leather bracelet ends. Some can be used also for earring designs.

What are metal spacer beads?

A spacer bead is usually a type of bead that is used between feature beads or charms in a piece of jewellery such as a bracelet or necklace. They’re usually much more simplistic than feature beads and can help to tone down and neutralise a piece of jewellery that includes some very eye-catching beads or jewels.

What size spacer beads do I need?

Typically, your spacer beads are smaller than your focal beads, but not always. Sometimes, they are the same size with your focal beads depending on the design. Since your bead is 6mm, I would recommend you get a spacer bead between 3mm to 4mm. Always remember that, spacer beads helps to frame your focal beads.

What is a rondelle shape beads?

A rondelle bead is disc or doughnut shaped and is wider than the height of the bead. These beads are often used as spacers to separate other beads.

What size is a 11/0 seed bead?


10/0 approx. 3,920 2.3mm (approx.)
11/0 approx. 4,000 2.1mm (approx.)
12/0 approx. 4,720 1.9mm (approx.)
13/0 approx. 4,960 1.7mm (approx.)
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