Has Lion brand Made Easy Yarn been discontinued?

What happened to Lion Brand Yarn?

Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City is closing on April 2, 2020. The closure was announced on their website and social media channels on Thursday. … They will also continue selling yarn online, and at the Lion Brand Yarn Outlet in New Jersey.

What yarn is comparable to Lion Brand?

Other Super Bulky Yarns VS Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick

Yarn Brand Comparison My Gauge
MillaMia Naturally Soft Super Chunky Very close 9.5 x 15
Phil Alaska, Phildar Very close 10 x 16
Red Heart Grande A little too bulky NA
Red Heart Irresistible WAY too bulky NA

Is Lion Brand yarn made in China?

Some of Our Most Popular Yarns Are Made in the USA. Beautiful fibers come from all over the world, so we at Lion Brand travel the world to bring you fibers that you’ll love.

How do you get Lion Brand yarn wholesale?

For wholesale inquiries, please send an email to wholesale_support@lionbrand.com. For all other inquiries, send an email to support@lionbrand.com or submit a support ticket. Either option will land in the same mailbox. Please allow up to three business days for a response to your message.

Why do yarns get discontinued?

Market prices change, which sometimes means discontinuing yarns when costs don’t add up. The good thing is, when we discontinue yarns that are no longer workable, we have more resources to keep a bigger (and better!) stock of your favorite brands and colors.

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Where can I find substitute yarn?

Just look for the meters or yard per number of grams or ounces on the yarn label of the yarn stated in your pattern. When you know this it’s easy to search for a yarn with the same fiber content and the same relation between the length and weight to substitute with.