How do you join yarn to stitches on a holder?

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What is the best way to join yarn in knitting?


  1. Lay your project out in front of you with the end of your old yarn tail pointing towards you. …
  2. Loop the old yarn under the new yarn so it looks similar to a number “4”.
  3. Guide the old yarn back to the left over the new yarn, and over itself.
  4. Loop the old yarn under itself and pull tightly on both its ends.

How do you use a double ended stitch holder?


  1. Remove either end cap of the Double-Ended Stitch Holder.
  2. Once removed, insert the cap to the opposite end of the holder.
  3. Slip the stitches onto the holder.
  4. Unhook the end cap to close.

How do you invisibly join yarn?

With the overlap method, you overlap your working yarn with the new yarn and knit into the next few stitches with both yarns held together. Then, just let go of the old yarn and continue knitting with the new yarn. Later, weave in the ends at the join and you’re good to go. Easy!

How do you join a knitted border?

To make a double join: Knit the last stitch of a border row with the edge stitch where you want a double join (first join). Knit the next two border rows as normal, except at the end of the second row, knit the last stitch together with the edge stitch where you want a double join (second join in the same stitch).

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