How do you make a binding fleece blanket?

Can you use fleece for binding?

Since fleece has so much stretch, there is no need to cut on the bias; cutting on the width of fabric works fine. … Fleece tends to get very bulky very quickly so I cut my fleece 1.25 inches wide. I do not cut the usual 2.5 inch wide binding and then fold it over before applying.

Can I back a quilt with fleece?

A fleece rag quilt is easy to make and it can warm up a bed, but versatile fleece can be used as a traditional quilt backing, as well. … Generally an easy fabric to work with, fleece has a tendency to stretch, making quilting somewhat tricky, while its deep pile can conceal quilting stitches.

What kind of stitch should I use on fleece?

When using a sewing machine; select a size 12(80) Universal needle, for sewing most fleece fabrics. Set machine for a long stitch (8 to 10 stitches per inch). A straight stitch or narrow zigzag works best. It is often helpful to decrease the presser foot pressure if possible.

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