How do you make embroidery stitches tighter?

Why is my embroidery stitching loose?

Make sure that your machine is threaded correctly. If the top thread or bobbin thread is improperly threaded it can cause looping stitches. … Loose thread tension will create loose loops of thread that can cause the needle to catch and create more of a mess.

Why do my stitches keep skipping?

Make sure that the thread is in the tension disk and the spool is placed correctly on the machine. Also, double-check to see if the bobbin is in the correct way and threaded tightly. Sometimes, a poorly wound bobbin is the culprit for skipped stitches. Good quality thread also plays a part in nice and even stitching.

What causes looping in embroidery?

Looping is usually caused by thread tensions that are too loose. It could occur either on the top or bottom of the design. Both bobbin and tensioner could be the culprit. Check if the problem is caused by tensioners by turning tensioner knobs to the right to tighten.

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