How do you make polymer beads shiny?

How do you polish polymer beads?

buffing Polymer Clay

  1. The first and simplest is hand buffing. Take a soft cloth, (cut up old denim works really well) and rub your bead up against it like mad. …
  2. The second is to use a motorized tool. You will never reach the same sheen by hand as you can achieve quite easily with the right tools.

Can polymer be polished?

However, while either material will produce an optically clear or smooth product, polished plastic may be the better choice. Polished plastic offers all the benefits of plastic polymers. … It’s worth taking the time to learn about plastic polishing methods and commonly polished polymers before starting a project.

Do you glaze polymer clay after baking?

We recommend applying two to three thin coats of glaze after baking, and always gently stir the glaze before use to avoid air bubbles.

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