How do you organize machine embroidery supplies?

How do you store embroidery thread spools?

In a Drawer

For a small spool and bobbin collection, a single drawer will do just fine. Threads are easily accessible but protected from fading and dust. In your drawer, lay spools on their sides to see colors at glance. As your collection grows, stand spools up to save space.

Can I store my sewing machine on its side?

You can store the machine on its side of stood up, either way it doesn’t hurt your sewing machine.

How do you store loose strings?

Thread storage racks

Whether they hang on the wall or they’re out on your desk, racks can hold a lot of thread in very little space. If you like racks, make sure that you keep it away from air vents and windows to keep your thread in good condition. If worse comes to worse, you can always dust your thread when need be!

How do I store my sewing machine?

The best tip for storing a sewing machine is cleaning and oiling it first, covering it properly, and then storing it in a dry room with moderate temperature. Properly storing your sewing machine will help it last longer and function better.

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