How do you prepare yarn after spinning?

What is the correct sequence to obtain cloth?

The correct sequence to get cloth is fibre → yarn → fabric. Fibres are first converted to yarn by the process of spinning.

Why does yarn need to be spun?

After you finish spinning a skein of yarn, it’s important to set the twist. This helps the energy in your yarn relax and it also helps the yarn bloom which shows you how a finished object made with your yarn will behave after it is washed. You don’t want any surprises to show up.

How do I stop my yarn from spinning?

To avoid overspinning, you should move your hands a little more quickly. Check to make sure that you are not treadling too fast. If this does not correct the problem, then adjust the tension on the wheel. On a single-drive wheel, tighten the scotch brake, and on a double-drive wheel, tighten the tension knob.

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