How do you remove the weaving on a circular loom?

Can you reuse a weaving loom?

Your weaving is finished! Now it’s time to carefully take it off the loom, without destroying it. You can reuse the loom as long as it lasts.

How do you weave a shape on a loom?

Start at the bottom of the empty space and begin to weave up, row by row, to fill in around your shapes.

  1. Warp your loom, keeping your warp thread taut but not exceedingly tight.
  2. Begin with 4-5 rows of a simple weave- over, under, over, under to create a “footer” on the bottom of your loom.

Can you weave without a loom?

What’s great is that you don’t need to buy a loom or have a lot of fancy supplies – all you really need is a piece of cardboard and some yarn to start weaving. …

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