How do you wash clothes to make them bigger?

How do I make my clothes bigger?

Knit fibers like cotton, cashmere, and wool are the easiest materials to stretch out by soaking or spraying them, pulling the fabric, and air-drying them. Ingredients like baby shampoo, conditioner, baking soda, and vinegar can help to loosen the fabric fibers, making garments easier to stretch.

Can fabric softener stretch clothes?

Another great way to stretch clothing is with liquid fabric softener. This solution loosens the cotton fibers for gentle and easy stretching. Here is how to stretch cotton using water and fabric softener.

Can a shirt be made bigger?

In most cases, you can make a shirt bigger using stretching techniques or sewn alterations. Stretching some fabrics will easily enlarge a shirt in the collar, sleeves, or side seams. You can also make alterations using scissors and a sewing machine.

How can I make my hoodie bigger?


  1. Completely submerge a sweatshirt in lukewarm water, adding some conditioner into its fibers. …
  2. Let the garment sit in water for 30min or an hour.
  3. Drain the container and refill it with cool water to rinse the conditioner. …
  4. Lay the sweatshirt on some bath towels to dry it.

Can you Unshrink clothes Cotton?

Unshrinking Cotton

Fill your sink with room temperature/warm water. Add 2 tablespoons hair conditioner or baby shampoo. Soak for 30 minutes. Drain the sink and wring out the fabric.

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Why are my clothes shrinking?

Relaxation shrinkage happens when an absorbent fabric (like cotton, silk, or linen), or a fabric modified to be absorbent (like a synthetic performance fiber), is exposed to liquids or excessive moisture.

Does cold water Unshrink clothes?

Yes, heat causes fabric fibers to shrink. So, the best way to keep clothes from shrinking is to wash them in cold water then line-dry or air-dry them. If you do use a dryer, choose a low heat setting and remove clothes while they’re still slightly damp, then let them finish air-drying.