Question: How do you knit a bumpy stitch?

What is textured knit fabric?

Pique Knit fabric has raised fibers that form a ribbed-like texture that can form various diamond-like shapes. This typically gives the fabric more body, making it perfect for polo shirts, shirt dresses, knit skirts and more structured knit fashion apparel.

What is a scalloped pattern?

So, what does scalloped mean when you are talking about China or Crystal Dinnerware? Scalloped is used to describe a series of curves that repeat. So if the edge of your plate has a repeating pattern of humps or curves then it is considered to have a Scalloped edge. … The patterns you find can very tremendously as well.

What does SP2P mean in knitting?

SP2P stands for slip one stitch as if to purl, p2tog, then pass slipped stitches over. This decrease is a left-leaning, double decrease, where you slip one stitch as if to purl, p2tog, and then pass the slipped stitch over the p2tog. This decrease turns three stitches into one (decreasing two).

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