Question: How do you plan wood carving?

How do I plan a carving?

8 Basic Steps to Successful Woodcarving

  1. Decide what you want to carve.
  2. Make a scale drawing or plan for that carving.
  3. Find a piece of wood that suites that carving (size and material).
  4. Transfer your drawing or plan to the piece of wood.
  5. Roughing out or grounding.
  6. Modelling.
  7. Detailing.
  8. Finishing.

How long does it take to learn wood carving?

This is dependent upon if you are focusing on one type of wood carving style or trying everything at once. It can take a couple weeks to several months to learn how to proficiently carve wood depending on how much time and effort the person puts into learning.

How do you carve wood against the grain?

To find the grain direction of a piece of wood, carve a small shaving off the block. If it shaves easily, you are carving with the grain. If the knife digs into the wood, you are cutting against the grain. Turn the block around and carve in the other direction.

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