Question: How do you store embroidery projects?

How do you store unframed needlework?

Instead of harmful plastic bags, old pillow cases, or open-air exposure, store needlework with a protective layer of Acid-Free Tissue Paper. It’s the same material used by conservationists, and it can preserve other valuables too, such as wedding dresses and quilts.

Do you leave embroidery in the hoop?

If the hoop is large enough to encompass the entire design, you can get away with leaving the fabric in the hoop, but it’s a good idea to loosen the tension a bit when you’re done stitching. If your hoop is smaller than your design, you definitely want to take the fabric out when you’re done stitching for the day.

How do you store finished cross stitch projects?

Tips for safely storing your cross stitch projects.

  1. Between your stitching sessions, store your project flat, or better still, rolled up – with your stitching facing outwards. …
  2. Keep your project away from direct sunlight. …
  3. If you use an embroidery hoop, remove your project from the hoop between stitching sessions.

How do you store framed cross stitch?

If there is no glass, I’d just put a few sheets of foam between each piece to protect the needlework. If there is glass, I’d loosely wrap and tape each piece. Then I’d put it all in the bin, label the bin and tape a paper with the contents on top.

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