Question: What can you use instead of a yarn needle?

What can you use if you don’t have a crochet needle?

Chopsticks. Locate a clean or unused set of chopsticks from your last Chinese dinner to replace your usual crochet needles. Lightly bend to see how durable they will be as a crochet needle alternative. Cut off any tapered ends and proceed to size the entire down to a comfortable size or approximately 5 inches in length …

Is a tapestry needle necessary?

Weaving in Yarn Ends when Changing Yarn Colors

When you change yarn colors, you will have yarn ends in your knitted piece. You will need a tapestry needle on hand when it’s time to weave in your yarn ends.

What kind of needle do you use to crochet?

The best size crochet hook to start with is an H/8 (5mm) that is made of aluminum. This size is comfortable to hold in your hand, making the movements of crocheting easier than using a very small or very large hook. To work with a size H/8 (5mm) hook, you will need 4-ply knitting worsted weight yarn.

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