Question: What does knit 2 together across mean?

What does pattern across mean in knitting?

Knit across means just what it sounds like… you just knit across the row w/o doing anything else.

What does knit 2 together TBL mean?

Knitting (or purling) two stitches together through the back loops is a decrease that slants the stitches to the left on the knit side of the work. It is abbreviated as k2tog tbl (or p2tog tbl).

What does alternate mean in knitting?

Welcome! Alternate means every other row. When you have to bind off stitches, you can’t do that at the end of a row, so you have to do it at the beginning of rows.

What does WSF mean in knitting?

WS – wrong side. WSF – one row P. wyif – with yarn in front. wyib – with yarn in back. YB – yarn to back of work.

Do you knit into the front or back of a yarn over?

Generally, you will bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle to the back. Work the next stitch. This creates a new, open stitch on your right needle. … If the next stitch is a knit stitch the working yarn should stay in the back of the work.

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