Question: What does the abbreviation TBL mean in knitting?

What does k2 tog TBL mean?

basic single left-slanting decrease k2tog tbl. Knitting (or purling) two stitches together through the back loops is a decrease that slants the stitches to the left on the knit side of the work. It is abbreviated as k2tog tbl (or p2tog tbl).

Is SSK the same as k2tog TBL?

K2tog-tbl does not produce the same result as SSK: with k2tog-tbl the stitches get twisted (they don’t in the SSK). The two stitches do look different. … And if you don’t like the ‘wiggly line’ that sits above a column of SSK decreases, work the stitch that sits above the decrease, in the even rows/rounds, tbl.

What does wool forward mean in knitting?

What does the term “yarn forward” mean in knitting patterns? A yarn forward is much more commonly described as a yarn over (YO). … A yarn forward is a technique that creates an opening or hole in your hand-knit piece. It is a useful technique for knitting lacy fabrics, buttonholes, or eyelets.

Does it matter if you knit front or back?

Does it matter how to knit them? Let’s look at the design of a loop located on the knitting needle. Each loop hanging on the needle consists of two half-loops. … As a rule, stitches being knitted through the back loop produce a better quality fabric to compare to the front loop knitted stockinette fabric.

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