Question: What is a triple stretch stitch?

What is a triple stitch?

A treble crochet (sometimes called triple crochet) is taller than a double crochet and is made by working two yarn overs at the start of the stitch, instead of one yarn over as for double crochet. It is abbreviated tr.

What is a stretch stitch on a Janome Sewing machine?

If your machine has it, use a stretch stitch to allows your sewn seam to stretch with the knit you are sewing. If your machine doesn’t have a stretch stitch, use a thin, long zigzag stitch or a triple stitch instead to allow the seam to stretch.

When should you use a stretch stitch?

The Straight Stretch Stitch can be used to reinforce seams of sportswear in stretch and non-stretch fabrics, and for curved seams which take a lot of strain. This stitch is stronger than regular straight stitch because it locks three times – forward, backward and forward again.

Can you use straight stitch on stretch fabric?

Use stitches that will hold the stretch of the fabric – the stitches need to stretch with the fabric, so they don’t pucker and break. If you must sew with a straight stitch, then hold the material taut, but don’t pull it.

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