Quick Answer: What is the apse mosaic made of?

What is the Justinian mosaic made of?

It was dedicated to the martyr Vitalis, the patron saint of Ravenna. At the time, the city was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. The octagonal structure is made of marble and capped by a lofty terra-cotta dome.

What was Justinian’s nickname?

He is called “Saint Justinian the Emperor” in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Because of his restoration activities, Justinian has sometimes been known as the “Last Roman” in mid-20th century historiography.

What’s something that the Hagia Sophia shares with San Vitale?

Both the Hagia Sophia and the San Vitale have central domed spaces, flanked and partly sustained by smaller domes, half-domes spanning peripheral spaces and beautiful mosaic art.

What does the halo signify in this mosaic from Ravenna?

Represents Theodora’s power and her offerings to Christ. She is crowned with a halo signifying her divinity and her role as co-regent. … The gold background is symbolic of Christ as the “light of the world.”

What was Justinian’s wife’s name?

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