Quick Answer: Where is Otomi embroidery from?

Where does Mexican embroidery come from?

Embroidery has a long history in Mexico. Most textiles from the pre-Hispanic era have perished, damaged by heat and humidity, but surviving cloth fragments prove that decorative stitching was sometimes used on clothing.

Is Otomi Native American?

Otomí, Middle American Indian population living in the central plateau region of Mexico. The Otomí peoples speak at least four closely related languages, all called Otomí.

Is Otomi a Aztec?

The Otomi or Otontin were an elite Aztec military order, named after the Otomi people. The Otomies (Otontin [21]) were another warrior society who took their name after the Otomi people who were renowned for their fierce fighting.

Where are the Otomi people in Mexico?

According to the best estimates of the Mexican government, there are about 42,000 Otomi people living around the Sierra Madre mountains, primarily in the Mexican state of Hidalgo, but also in smaller populations in the states of Queretaro, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Puebla, and Veracruz.

What Indians lived in Queretaro Mexico?

For centuries, the Otomí–and to a lesser extent, the Tarascan and Chichimeca–were the ruling tribes in the region. In the mid-13th century, the region was conquered by the Aztecs.

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