What are quill earrings?

How do you make porcupine quills for earrings?

The first step is always to clean the quills by simmering them in hot water and then wiping them clean. Match them up in size and colors for your project, and cut off the sharp tips on both ends. Until they are cut, handle the quills with care. They are sharp!

What is a porcupine quill?

“Quills are modified hairs and are covered with scales that act like fishhook barbs causing the quills to keep moving inward, deeper into the tissue.” … Porcupine quills can puncture the skin and move through muscle, ultimately penetrating into body cavities and internal organs.

Can you make a pen from a porcupine quill?

Quills from birds and porcupines are effectively cut into an ink pen using a simple knife. The tubular structure of the quill is then tempered using a sand mixture. Despite the primitive process of transforming a quill into a pen, the result is a durable tool that satisfied writers for hundreds of years.

How long do you soak porcupine quills?

Try soaking the quills in a very hot but not boiling solution of dish soap and water (I find DAWN works best for me, but any will do). Soak them with frequent stirring for anywhere from 10 minutes to a half an hour. You may just have had an older porcupine with very oilly quills, but this should do the trick.

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