What are the best bobbins for carp fishing?

What are bobbins used for in carp fishing?

To go with your bite alarm you need another sort of indicator, this is either a bobbin or a swinger, and it neatly clips on to your line between your bite alarm and reel.

Do you need a bite alarm for carp fishing?

A bite alarm can be a very important part of carp fishing, especially against bigger carp. … The bite alarm gives you crucial indicators by beeping, along with the movement of the bobbin. Understanding these actions is key to landing bigger catches.

What are the best bite alarms to buy?

The best just got a whole lot better and these are arguably the best bite alarms of 2019.

  • Fox Micron RX Plus bite alarms and receiver. …
  • Nash Siren R3 bite alarms and receiver. …
  • Gardner ATTS alarms and receiver. …
  • Fox Micron MR Plus alarms and receiver set. …
  • Sonik SKX Bite alarm, bivvy light and receiver set.

Can you make your own bobbins?

fold the top of the bobbin down and cut out a small triangle. Put the top back up again like it was before. Make two even slits at the bottom of the bobbin. Take the embroidery floss and put enough through the hole so that you can make a double knot.

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