What can I knit with acrylic yarn?

What are acrylic yarn good for?

Acrylic fibers are very durable, making them excellent for any projects that require an enduring yarn. As a petroleum-based product, it will take many many years for it to degrade. Another benefit of the acrylic yarn is the since it is synthetic fiber, it is impossible for moth larvae to digest it.

Can acrylic yarn be used for blankets?

Acrylics also make great warm weather yarn for blankets. They are not only cheap but easy to care for, and these best yarns do not shrink much when washed in the washing machine.

Is acrylic cheaper than wool?

Wool would be the better choice for everyone except those with wool allergies. If cost is your main concern then acrylic would be ideal for you as it is cheaper than wool. It is also easier to launder and care for which may be the deal clincher for some people. In the end, this is up to your preference.

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