What can I make with Jersey yarn?

Is Tshirt yarn good?

T-shirt yarn is great to work with because it (usually) doesn’t fray or split, it’s slightly stretchy and is wonderful for more robust projects like bath mats or baskets. Projects using t-shirt yarn also work up pretty quickly, which is very satisfying.

What can I knit with Tshirt yarn?

Knitting with T-Shirt Yarn – 13 free patterns

  1. open knit sweater from t shirt yarn.
  2. upcycled t-shirt yarn handbag.
  3. finger knit with a tie dyed t-shirt (includes a how-to for dying the shirt!)
  4. knit t-shirts into rugs.
  5. another t-shirt yarn rug.
  6. bath mat.
  7. rag doily rug.
  8. twined basket in blue.

Can you wash t-shirt yarn?

The material will curl on itself which is beneficial. Even if machine washed and dried, the material may shrink after it has been used and dried though it does stretch a bit when wet.

What can you make with size 3 yarn?

Light #3 yarn is also sometimes known as DK and light worsted. This weight of yarn is usually crocheted using the US hook sizes 7 to I-9, which correspond to metric hooks of 4.5 – 5.5 mm. Light #3 yarn is perfect for creating crocheted light clothing, lacy scarves and fall hats.

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