What do you do with extra bobbin thread?

Why is there extra thread from the bobbin?

If your bobbin tension is too loose, extra thread may unwind from the bobbin, which causes a buildup of thread underneath the needle plate. … The likely culprit: bypassing the thread take up lever. Simply try rethreading your machine (and make sure it’s in the take up lever!). Top tension is too loose.

What to do with almost empty bobbins?

Remove the empty bobbin. Set a bobbin with one wound with plenty of embroidery bobbin thread in the bobbin case. Reattach the bobbin cover. Reattach the embroidery frame.

Can you use bobbin thread as top thread?

A. No. The bobbin thread can be a lighter weight than the top thread and still provide sufficient strength without adding bulk. Using a cotton top thread with a poly bobbin thread is fine.

Can you sew with just a bobbin?

A quality bobbin thread can be almost as strong as normal sewing thread. Regular weight sewing thread would be used in almost all sewing, but bobbin thread is a welcome addition to your sewing basket when the need arises.

What to do when you run out of thread while sewing?

If you run out of bobbin thread while your doing a top stitch, you’ll want to step away from your machine for a minute, reload your thread, and then get your scissors. You’ll need to carefully cut and remove the stitch that ran out on you.

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