What does AB stand for in beads?

What is a AB stone?

From light-landscaped terraces to major structural retaining walls, AB Stones from Allan Block will cover your landscaping needs. Design with fluid curves or strong straight lines. … Allan Block gives you a multitude of design options in the popular retaining wall blocks known simply as AB Stones.

What does AB faceted mean?

“AB” (aurora borealis) beads have a coating on part of each bead which is basically silver but which may have some iridescence to it, meaning that colors can be seen in the coating. … For reasons I don’t fully understand, vitrail coatings are found almost entirely on faceted beads.

What does AB stand for in color?

5 October 2013 0 comments. ‘AB’ stands for Aurora Borealis, the amazing natural light display in the sky, particularly in high latitude regions around the Arctic and Antarctic…

What are Picasso beads?

Picasso beads are one of our most beautiful and popular finishes within the Miyuki collection. These delightful, paint-flecked colors are available in size 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 seed beads, as well as in long magatamas, tila beads, half-tila beads, and cubes.

What does clear AB mean?

A: Crystal (often known as Crystal Clear) is completely colorless. A Crystal (clear) bead is completely transparent. … Crystal AB, on the other hand, uses the same base stone or bead, but has an added coating which reflects many different colors, primarily gold, blue and pink.

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What is Silver AB?

AB is an iridescent coating that gives a subtle shimmer. It is named after the Aurora Borealis, the fabulous Northern Lights. It can be full or half coated.

Are Swarovski crystals worth anything?

Yes they are real. They are real lead glass. … Swarovski crystals are non-precious lead glass meaning that the intrinsic value of the material is not very high. They do have a valuable brand name, however, which causes them to have higher prices compared to other crystal suppliers.

What does 9ct AB mean?

9ct represents 9/24 or 37.5% of pure gold. Yellow gold has other additives such as Silver, Copper and Zinc. This metal is not as malleable as 18ct and is mainly used in casting pieces of jewellery.

Do galvanized beads fade?

Any dyed or galvanized bead is very likely to fade or wear off over time.

Do Czech glass beads fade?

As far as durability goes, they have a great resistance to scratching and ultraviolet radiation, leaving you with a fade resistant color. Not unlike the above three types of Czech finishes, the luster coated beads are also a very popular finish among beaders and tend to fly off shelves as well.