What does DPI stand for weaving?

What DPI should I use in weaving?


DPI Dent count per 10cm Recommended Yarn
7.5 dpi 30/10 8ply DK and some Novelty Yarns
10 dpi 40/10 4Ply Sock or 5ply Sport Weight Yarns
12.5 dpi 50/10 2ply and 3 ply fingering weight yarns
15 dpi 60/10 Fine weaving cottons and linens

What is a 12 Dent reed?

A “dent” equals the number of threads per inch of warp yarn. A 12-dent reed will have 6 slots and 6 holes per inch allowing you to thread 12 warp ends per inch. Having a variety of reeds will give you a greater diversity of thicknesses of yarn (warp threads) to work with.

What is an 8 dent heddle?

You may hear some weavers refer to a rigid-heddle as an “8-dent rigid-heddle”. This means that it has 8 spaces in an inch. Draft A chart that instructs the weaver on how to thread the heddles, tie-up shafts, and treadle a pattern, most weaving drafts you may encounter are written for a floor or table loom.

What is picks per inch in weaving?

Picks per inch (or p.p.i.) is the number of weft threads per inch of woven fabric. A pick is a single weft thread, hence the term. In general, the higher the picks per inch, the finer the fabric is.

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How do you calculate sett for weaving?

Just count the wraps within one inch. Take that number and divide it in half for plain weave. If you are weaving twill, take two thirds of your wraps per inch instead. This is your standard sett.

What does SLEY the reed mean?

Definition of sley (Entry 2 of 2) : to separate and arrange in a reed the threads of (the warp)

What does SLEY mean in weaving?

to draw (warp ends) through the heddle eyes of the harness or through the dents of the reed in accordance with a given plan for weaving a fabric.