What does stringer bead mean?

What is a stringer weld?

The stringer bead welding technique is one in which the weld beads are deposited in a straight line. When using the weave bead technique, the weld beads are deposited in a zigzag formation. The forward weld travel speed of the stringer bead method is faster than that of the weave bead method.

What technique is used in performing Stringer beads?

Involves the electrode moving in a whipping motion across the path of the weld.

What is the difference between stringer bead and weave bead?

FILLER PASS WELDING Weave beads, produced by weaving the torch across the joint, can be used on carbon and low-alloy steel in the rolled or horizontal-fixed position. Stringer beads, laid parallel to the joint, are used for welding stainless steel pipe since there is less tendency toward carbide precipitation.

What Stringer means?

1 : one that strings. 2 : a string, wire, or chain often with snaps on which fish are strung by a fisherman. 3 : a narrow vein or irregular filament of mineral traversing a rock mass of different material.

Can Stringer beads be used in any position?

Stringer beads are generally not very wide and can be used in any welding position.

Should you weave when MIG welding?

When you weld each pass, treat it like a horizontal weld by weaving or swirling circles through the joint. If you’re running two passes, keep the bead narrower for the first pass.

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