What is a single crochet spike stitch?

How do you do star stitch?

Start Stitch – row and stitch multiples

The first row – the star row – creates the ‘stars’, which are essentially made up of a single crochet 5 together (sc5tog) (UK double crochet 5 together) – one for each point I guess – followed by a chain 1, which creates the ‘eye’ or centre of the star.

What is a spike DC?

dc spike. Notes: Spike stitches are usually made with either double (USA – single) crochet or treble (USA – double) crochet stitches. The spike being made by inserting the hook into a stitch (or chain space) the row (or several rows) below the row currently being worked.

What is SDC in crochet?

The short double crochet (sdc) is another name for the half double crochet.

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