What is Co and Bo in knitting?

What does co mean in knitting?

Knit Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
CL K2tog. Keep stitches on left-hand needle. P2tog into the same stiches. Slip off left-hand needle
cm centimeter(s)
co cast on
cont continue(ity)

What is Bo Stitch?

To bind off or cast off knitting, you secure the stitches in the last row worked so they don’t unravel. Binding off and casting off knitting is also called finishing the edge. Whatever you call it, it’s easy to do.

What is Bo knitting pattern?

Binding off in pattern is a technique that’s often used when you’re binding off rib stitch. … Bring the first stitch over the second stitch. Then, knit the next stitch as if you were working the next stitch in the stitch pattern. Bring the first stitch over this stitch. Continue binding off in this manner.

What is TBL in knitting terms?

How to Knit TBL and Purl TBL! … (P TBL) means to purl through the back loop & (K TBL) means to knit through back loop! So, instead of knitting and purling through the front part of the loop as you normally would…you will just go through the back side of the loop! Easy peasy!

Is cast off and bind off the same?

A cast off (also called a “bind off”) creates an end to your knitting. It’s a safe and neat way to seal off the stitches so that they don’t unravel. To cast off knitting, start on a new row, and knit two stitches loosely. It’s important to keep the stitches loose so your cast off edge will remain stretchy.

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Does cast off count as a row?

Actually, what you shouldn’t be counting is the “row” formed by the cast on. The cast on doesn’t count as a row. But it’s easier to count all the rows in the worked fabric, below the needle, and just not count the loops on the needle.

What does cast off in pattern mean?

Once you’ve cast on, knitted and purled your pattern, and basically finished your project, there’s just one more step that has to be completed—getting your project off the needles. This is accomplished by what’s known as binding off or casting off. It is a simple and quick method for making a finished edge.

What does cast off in ribbing mean?

When you cast off in ribbing you will just be ribbing as you bind off. So if it’s 1 X 1 ribbing, k1, p1, pass the knit stitch over the purl stitch, k1, pass the purl st over the knit stitch, p1, then pass the knit stitch over the purl stitch and so on.