What is Flutterby quick knit?

What is Flutterby wool?

Flutterby Chunky is a beautifully 100% supersoft polyester chenille knitting yarn. … Flutterby knits to most chunky knitting patterns and has its own fantastic range of flutterby knitting patterns available.

What weight is quick yarn?


Ball Weight 100g
Yarn Needle Size 3.25mm
Yarn Blend 100% Supersoft Polyester
Yarn Length 280m/305y
Yarn Tension 20 sts – 34 rws

What can I knit with Flutterby chunky wool?

Design onesies, dressing gowns, blankets and thick cardigans with this gorgeous yarn. It’s machine washable and will knit chunky patterns on 6mm needles.

Was the butterfly originally called a Flutterby?

The fact that butterflies were once called flutterbys is a popular story, but like many popular stories, it’s not true. … So the word butterfly evolved from these two words (Buttorfleoge and Boterflye) from Middle English and Old English.

Is Quickerknit double knitting?

Quickerknit Baby Wool is described as “thicker than 4-ply and finer than double knitting” – evidently double knitting was not thought suitable for babies, but this would knit up more quickly than 4-ply.

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