What is the best crochet stitch for washcloths?

How many yards of yarn do you need to crochet a washcloth?

Of course, you can use any size yarn that you’d like, as long as you use a crochet hook to suit. For the washcloths pictured (which are about 8″ square), about 50-60 yards was used.

What size are crocheted washcloths?

How Big Should a Crochet Washcloth Be? This is personal preference, but I find that a square crochet washcloth between 8-10 inches fits most hands well, though I usually prefer something between 8.5-9 inches the best.

How much yarn do you need for a washcloth?

A good size for a dishcloth is between seven and nine inches. To make a dishcloth this size, you’ll need about 90 yards of worsted weight yarn. Most dishcloths can be completed with less than one ball of 100 percent cotton yarn.

Are cotton dishcloths good?

What yarn is best for knitted dishcloths? The best yarn to knit dishcloths is organic cotton yarn or regular cotton if you can’t get that. Cotton blends also work well; a cotton bamboo blend is nice. Another option is mercerised cotton used for crocheting doilies.

How much should I sell my crochet dishcloths?

But if you do some research, you could reasonably get $5.00 for a washcloth – and it’s more likely to sell in a set of 2 (or 3 if you crochet faster) for $10.00. One rule in selling is “it’s only worth what someone will pay for it”.

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