What is the stitch finger on a serger?

How do I put the stitch finger on my brother serger?

How do I install the stitch finger?

  1. Raise the presser foot lever.
  2. Open the front cover.
  3. Turn the handwheel until the upperlooper is at its lowest position.
  4. Install the stitch finger by aligning the arrows to the line in the machine.

Can you straight stitch with a serger?

The straight stitch is widely used in most sewing projects. A serger doesn‘t have a bobbin. It has a different number of loopers to create the seams. It seals the edges of the cloth pieces or joins them together.

What is stitch finger used for?

The stitch finger has a finger shape and sits close to the cutting blade on the right side of the pressure foot. The finger functions as a meeting point for the threads that move through the serger, guiding each to create the stitch on the edge of the fabric.

Do you Backstitch on a serger?

Since you can’t backstitch on a serger, it’s important to finish each stitch to prevent the threads from unraveling. Instead of leaving them long or simply cutting them off, secure your serged seams using one of these simple, tidy finishes.

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