What size bobbin does a Bernina use?

What type of bobbin does a Bernina use?

Bobbin Style Information for Sewing Machines

Bernina models 800 to 932
Model Number Bobbin Style
807 Style A (Class 15)
808 Style A (Class 15)
809 Style A (Class 15)

Are all Bernina bobbins the same size?

For a few sewing machine manufacturers like Elna, Kenmore, and Janome, the same bobbin is used in nearly all of their models. With Bernina, most of their new machines use only one of two bobbin types, but if you count older machines, there are perhaps 7 or 8 different bobbin types that exist.

What is the difference between Class 15 and 15J bobbins?

They look almost identical, but class 15 bobbins have flat ends, while class 15J bobbins have slightly curved ends. Sometimes they appear to work interchangeably, but even if they fit into your sewing machine, there is a risk of them jamming your machine up and causing major damage.

What happens if you use the wrong size bobbin?

The short answer is YES! Filling a sewing machine bobbin too tightly can make a plastic bobbin bulge or stretch the thread if you are using a metal bobbin. This may be hard to see but can cause all kinds of problems. Plastic bobbins can become compressed in the center causing the bobbin to distort.

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Do bobbins come in different sizes?

Bobbins not only come in different sizes, but also in metal as well as plastic, and empty as well as pre-wound. While machines can only use one bobbin size, whether it is plastic or metal does not typically matter, however consult your machine manual to be sure.

What are the holes in bobbins for?

There should be a tiny little hole on the side for you to put your thread through. Thread from the inside of the bobbin, out, so your thread sticks out the side an inch or two.

Are spools and bobbins the same?

As nouns the difference between spool and bobbin

is that spool is a device around which thread, wire or cable is wound, especially a cylinder or spindle or spool can be a small swimming pool that can be used also as a spa while bobbin is a spool or cylinder around which wire is coiled.