Who owns mosaic forest management?

Who is Mosaic logging?

Mosaic manages the forest planning, operations and product sales for TimberWest and Island Timberlands, two proud companies operating on Vancouver Island for over 100 years.

Is Nanaimo Lakes open?

While access to Fourth Nanaimo Lake is currently closed due to harvesting operations nearby, access to the Nanaimo Lakes area, including Green Mountain, Panther, Echo, Williams, Third, Radu, and Heart is normally available on weekends. Please check gate opening and closing times before heading out.

What time does the Nanaimo Lakes gate close?

From here you go up Nanaimo Lakes Road eventually joining up with the Nanaimo Lakes Main Line forestry road. You have to pass through a TimberWest security gate which is generally open to the public during Sunday and Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm plus Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Who owns Island timber?

IT is managed by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM). BAM, one of the largest corporations in Canada, is most well known as the owner of Zucotti Park in New York City.

What is an island ranger?

Members of the Society function as ‘Island Rangers’, carrying out observing and reporting duties on Mosaic forest lands. Island Rangers are required to maintain safety as their top priority at all times, and to follow the Society’s Code of Conduct. Being an Island Ranger is a privilege that comes with responsibility.

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Is there cell service at Nanaimo Lakes?

With no cell service we felt Blessed to have both these Hosts help us out and go above and beyond to make sure we were looked after. Colin worked non stop cutting wood for campers, cleaning the walking paths, checking to make sure everyone was enjoying their stay.

Can you swim in Kissinger Lake?

Hidden not far from here lies the small but beautiful Kissinger Lake. Today the lake, which is situated at the west end of Cowichan Lake, is a magnet for many who like camping, canoeing, boating (electric motors only), swimming, exploring, biking, and hiking.