You asked: How do you knit a Chevron blanket pattern?

How many stitches are in a chevron pattern?

Each “peak” or increase is going to have 3 stitches in 1 stitch, so you need one stitch for the increase. Each “valley” or decrease is going to have 3 stitches worked together so you need to have three stitches for each decrease.

What is chevron pattern?

Chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern. The first use of this can be traced back to old pottery design in Knossos, Crete which dates back to the Bronze Age. This was also first seen as flooring in the 16th century in Europe. With its aligned pattern, the Chevron floor looks like a long line of straight arrows.

How much yarn do I need for a Chevron baby blanket?

My blanket measures 27.5” x 30.5”, but I’ve given instructions to make this blanket any size you wish. Just scroll to the end of the pattern for those instructions. Materials: Approximately 1000 yards of worsted weight yarn.

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