You asked: How do you put beads on a bobbin lace?

Is tatting the same as bobbin lace?

“You can tell the difference between the two styles by looking at them closely,” she said. “Bobbin lace has a distinct woven quality in it and tatting has little picots (loops), rings and chains.” The word “tatting,” she said, was derived from the French word frivolite.

What kind of thread do you use for bobbin lace?

Bobbin lace is made traditionally with either coarse or fine thread, but for beginners, I encourage crochet thread, size 8 or 10.

Can you use sewing thread for bobbin lace?

Gutermann linen sewing thread is ok for lace, and is often available in Spotlight or other sewing-supply shops for about $4 for a 50m roll. Real silk and linen thread is usually much cheaper by the metre from a weaving supplier than an embroidery store or fabric shop.

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