You asked: Is tailored to meaning?

Is it tailored to or tailored for?

Changing “tailored to” to “tailored for” wouldn’t actually affect the meaning of the sentence, but “tailored to” is far more common for this use.

How do you use tailored in a sentence?

Tailored sentence example

  1. The hours were perfect, nine to five, and the job sounded as if it were tailored for her. …
  2. He was clean and well-dressed for the first time, his tailored clothing enhancing his muscular, lean build.

Is tailored to synonym?

What is another word for tailored?

adapted modified
personalizedUS styled
becoming fitting
suitable custom-built
fitted refitted

What does tailored to your needs mean?

Similarly, when you tailor something to the needs of others, you are adjusting what you do to best suit them rather than taking a general approach.

Is it tailored for you or to you?

I prefer ‘tailored to’. The Oxford English Dictionary gives several sample sentences to illustrate this use of the verb ‘to tailor’. The closest to your sentence is this: ‘Of course, the story of ‘Hiroshima Pilot as Mental Patient’ was at once tailored to fit the headlines.

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What does tailored towards mean?

tailor (something) to (someone or something)

To change, adapt, or customize something so as to be correct or ideal for a particular person, thing, group, or situation. Because the entire program is online, we are able to tailor it to students from every walk of life.

How do you use tailored?

of clothing.

  1. He tailored his speech for his audience.
  2. Treatment is tailored to the needs of each patient.
  3. The overcoat is well tailored.
  4. The tailor tailored him a suit.
  5. The play was tailored for a special audience.
  6. We tailored the part specifically for her.

What is the tailored meaning?

1 : fashioned or fitted to resemble a tailor’s work. 2 : custom-made. 3 : having the look of one fitted by a custom tailor.

What does tailored mean in business?

1a : the business or occupation of a tailor. b : the work or workmanship of a tailor. 2 : the making or adapting of something to suit a particular purpose.

What is tailored synonym?

custom-made, custom-tailored, customized, made-to-order, tailor-made.

What is the opposite of tailored?

Antonyms: ready-made, fancy. Synonyms: made-to-order, shipshape, well-kept, bespoken, bespoke, clean-cut, trig, spare, tailor-made, trim.