Your question: What type of disease is tobacco mosaic?

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Is tobacco mosaic a virus or bacteria?

The tobacco mosaic virus infects tobacco and lots of other closely related species like tomatoes and peppers. It is transmitted by contact between plants, either naturally or on the hands of farmers. It infects the chloroplasts of plant leaves and changes their colour from green to yellow or white in a mosaic pattern.

Is tobacco mosaic disease a fungus?

The tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infects tobacco plants and other closely related species, such as tomatoes and peppers. TMV is transmitted by contact between plants, either naturally or on the hands of farmers or contaminated clothes or tools.

Is tobacco mosaic virus prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Eukaryotes are diploid and the DNA is organized into the multiple linear chromosomes and found in the nucleus. The tobacco Mosaic virus genome consists of the single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) which is 6400 bases long. The RNA is protected by a coat protein from cellular degradation.

Is tobacco mosaic virus common?

It is not as common in Mississippi as other plant viruses, such as tomato spotted wilt virus that causes blackening and ring spots on many plants, or the mosaic viruses that mottle the leaves of cucurbit and blackeyed pea crops.

Which of the following are bacterial diseases?

List of Bacterial Diseases in Humans

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Human Bacterial Diseases Bacteria Responsible
Tetanus Clostridium tetani
Plague Yersinia pestis
Gonorrhea Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Syphilis Treponema pallidum

Are viruses Biotrophs?

Viruses are Biotrophs (need a living host). Viruses must spread from one plant to another in order to survive. Vectors help to transmit viruses from plant to plant.