Can I put Neosporin on my cats stitches?

Can I put ointment on my cats incision?

Do not apply ointments, creams, disinfectants, or any other chemicals to the wound (unless directed by your veterinarian), as they can interfere with its eventual healing.

Does Neosporin hurt cats if they lick them?

While Neosporin is not highly poisonous, it is not intended to be ingested. Cats frequently lick themselves in order to bathe, and any wound on which the owner places antibiotic ointment may irritate the cat, causing it to lick and bite at the area more frequently.

Can you put Neosporin on a spay incision?

Keep their surgical incision and stitches dry. Don’t apply any Neosporin or lotions, unless your vet instructs you to. It’s especially important not to use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean the stitches—this will hinder the healing process. 2.

Why is Neosporin bad for cats?

However, Neosporin should not be used on cats because of the potential of a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. For dogs, Neosporin can help prevent and fight infections. Apply Neosporin on your dog after cleaning the wound and then cover it with a pet bandage.

What can I use instead of a cone for my cat?

The 10 Cat Cone Collar Alternatives

  • Soft E-Collar.
  • Pillow Collars.
  • Cloth Cones.
  • Inflatable Collars.
  • Neck Control Collar.
  • Surgical Recovery Clothing.
  • Small Dog Sweaters.
  • Baby Clothes.
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How long does a cat incision take to heal?

Most average cats and dogs take fourteen days for their incisions to heal. Side note: that’s about how long it takes for people to heal, too. It’s good to remember that if a person had a surgery like your pet just had, they would be restricted from activity for about a month!

Is Vaseline safe for cats wounds?

Be gentle as the skin around the wound is often sensitive and easily damaged. A little bit of Vaseline placed into the wound first can help catch any stray hairs and can then these can be gently removed afterwards.

Can you put triple antibiotic ointment on a cat?

The Short Answer is Yes, Neosporin is Safe for Pets

The description of “triple antibiotic” refers to the 3 antibiotic agents found in any brand of triple antibiotic first aid ointment Bacitracin, Neomycin, and Polymyxin B.

Is polysporin safe for cats?

To be safe, it is best to avoid using any polysporin or related ointments, drops or sprays in cats. Similarly, avoid polysporin use in rabbits and ferrets because they can develop serious body organ disturbances if the product is licked off their fur and ingested.