How many jelly rolls do I need for a quilt?

How many jelly rolls do I need to make a king size quilt?

King (120 strips, or (6) 20-strip jelly rolls)

You’ll need 120 strips, and you’ll make it in 3 segments – 40 strips in each. Use the original race method, but stop when each segment is 100″ x 32.5″ (4 “fold and sews”). Sew all three together and you’ll have your king size top! STOP!

How many 2.5 inch squares are in a jelly roll?

Jelly rolls are 2.5” x the width of fabric strips. There are typically 42 strips in each pack. Jelly rolls are very flexible in the quilting world.

How many jelly rolls does it take to make a queen size Bargello quilt?

One jelly roll makes 27.5 inches of the bargello. I used 2 jelly rolls, to make the width 54 inches, finished. If you want to make a wider quilt, use more jelly rolls, or add borders.

What is a quilting Jelly Roll?

A jelly roll is a curated bundle of 2.5″ strips of precut quilt fabric, featuring an array of coordinating fabric from a designer’s collection. Buy quilting jelly rolls to make sewing up a cute strip quilt a snap!

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