Is Bernat pipsqueak yarn being discontinued?

Is Bernat pipsqueak discontinued?

Pipsqueak Stripes – 280g – Bernat *discontinued*

Did they discontinue Bernat blanket big?


How many skeins does Bernat big blanket have?

Bernat Big Blanket Yarn from Michaels – you will need about 6-8 skeins to make a blanket the size of mine. (You can see a picture of a blanket made using THIS yarn below.

Did Yarnspiration buy Redheart?

Red Heart has a new home on Explore our expanded catalogue of all things craft and inspiration! All your favorite free inspirational Red Heart patterns can be found on Yarnspirations’ streamlined and easy-to-use website.

Where is Bernat yarn produced?

This mill complex at Uxbridge had been a hub of manufacturing for Bernat, once based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The town of Uxbridge was the site of Bernat’s main manufacturing unit in the later 20th century.

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