Question: Where are Michley sewing machines made?

Are there any sewing machines made in Australia?

Amongst their vast collection is the first brand of sewing machine made in Australia, called the So-Easy. It was manufactured in Bendigo.

Where are American Home Sewing Machines made?


This is an American Home sewing machine, manufactured in Japan, with “American Home” being the badge name that the retail seller chose to sell them under.

Where are Janome Sewing Machines made?

Janome machines are manufactured in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

Where are Janome Overlockers manufactured?

Our headquarters are located in Cheltenham, Melbourne, with four state offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Janome Australia also looks after operations in New Zealand.

Where is Pfaff sewing machine made?

Since Pfaff is among the sewing machine brands under SVP Worldwide, Pfaff sewing machines are manufactured in SVP’s sewing machine factory in Shanghai, China. However, the global corporate headquarters of SVP Worldwide is located near Nashville, Tennessee, US.

Are any sewing machines made in Europe?

BERNINA is producing their sewing machines in two factories. In Steckborn, Switzerland, we are producing sewing machines since 1893. … In Thailand BERNINA sewing machines from entry level up to 7 Series are manufactored, while BERNINA Switzerland is still producing the top-of-the line machines and the longarm machines.

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Are any sewing machines made in UK?

Sadly, there are no British manufacturers of industrial sewing machines. This is a market that is very much dominated by countries in Asia, with brands such as Juki, Brother and Siruba at the forefront.