What does NAP mean on a sewing pattern?

What does it mean when a pattern says with or without nap?

When laying “without” nap, the hem or lower edges of your pattern pieces are pointing to opposite ends of the fabric. A layout “with” nap, indicates that the lower edges of the pieces point to the same end of the fabric.

What is a nap in fashion terms?

In fashion, napping is a finishing technique, where the short fibres are lifted from the fabric surface to create a ‘nap’. It can be achieved by brushing or rubbing fabrics or, alternatively, using a machine covered with fine wire teeth, which pick and raise loose fibres, fusing the ends together so nothing frays.

What is napped fabric used for?

Napping raises the fiber ends to the surface of the fabric, so that they can be clipped, brushed flat or left erect. This then creates a surface texture that creates a softer, heavier and usually a warmer fabric.

Which way is the nap?

Direction of the Nap

As a general rule, all the pile should run down the body from the shoulders to the feet so it feels smooth to touch if you ran your hand down the garment. Faux fur is the easiest to visualize this with. You would want the fur pile to go down your body.

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What does double nap mean?

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How is napping done?

NAPPING – A mechanical finishing process in which fibers are raised on the surface of a fabric by means of teasels or, on contemporary equipment, by rollers covered with steel napper wires. Other names for napping are Gigging, Genapping, Teaseling, and Raising.

Can you use a With nap layout even if you do not have napped fabric?

Pile fabrics, which require a “with-nap layout,” include velvet, velveteen, corduroy, fleece, terry cloth, fake fur and bouclé amongst others. … If they don’t, the fabric has nap. If you still aren’t sure, use the cutting layout and sewing suggestions for nap fabric, just in case.

What napped blanket?

The term napped or unnapped is used on our blankets to describe the look and feel of the wool. It has to do with one of the many finishing processes of our fabric production. Once the fabric has been woven, the wool fibres can either be combed upright (napped), or left as-is to lay flat (unnapped).

Which is an example of a napped fabric *?

Velvet, velveteen, velour, flannel, corduroy, terry cloth, chenille, mohair, and cashmere are some examples of napped fabrics. Some fabrics like satin and moire taffeta, do not have a nap, but the effect will be the same and must be cut out using the with nap layout.

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