What is the function of needle sinker and knitting cam?

What is the function of knitting cam?

The part of a knitting machine that controls the movement of the needles or sinkers to produce a desired knitted construction.

What is sinker loop knitting?

Sinker loop:  The lower part of the knitted loop is technically referred as sinker loop. It is the connection of tow legs belonging to the neighboring stitches lying laterally. The yarn portion that connects two adjacent needle lops belonging in the same knitted course. Bottom arc also called sinker loop.

What are the elements of knitting?

The circular knitting machine consists three major sections viz, yarn supply, knitting element and fabric take down. The needles are the most important stitch forming elements. They are displaced vertically up and down and are mounted into the tricks or cuts of the knitting cylinder.

What sinker means?

1 : one that sinks specifically : a weight for sinking a fishing line, seine, or sounding line. 2 : doughnut. 3 : a fastball that sinks as it reaches the plate.

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