Where can I watch The Great British Sewing Bee Series 1?

Where can I watch The Great British Sewing Bee?

Stream The Great British Sewing Bee and other classic British TV shows direct from BBC iPlayer!

Can I watch sewing bee on iPlayer?

The Great British Sewing Bee final is on BBC One from 9pm on 16 June. The final, as well as all other episodes from this series, will also be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

Is Great British Sewing Bee on iPlayer?

The BBC has made all seven series of the Great British Sewing Bee available on iPlayer, so you can catch up on any series that you’ve missed. Watch the Great British Sewing Bee.

Who died in sewing bee?

Sewing Bee Lorna dies – cause of death – dead, obituary: Great British Sewing Bee presenter Lorna Monje died 21st February, 2016 after a long battle with Aplastic Anaemia. She was 69 years old. Lorna Monje lived in Canterbury, United Kingdom.

Is Patrick from the sewing bee married?

Grant lives in rural Lancashire, having moved there from London in March 2020. Grant was in a relationship with fellow designer Katie Hillier from 2007–15. In 2020, Grant’s father died of COVID-19 during the pandemic. His mother still lives in Morningside.

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