You asked: What bobbin does Brother CS7000i use?

Do all Brother sewing machines use the same bobbin?

For the most part yes they are. But like sewing machines, bobbins are not all made the same. Even if you have the same series of a sewing machine as someone else, there will still be some differences to each machine. Bobbins are the same way.

Are brother bobbins universal?

There is no such thing as a universal bobbin, meaning no single bobbin will fit every sewing machine.

What is difference between brother CS7000i and CS7000x?

Brother CS7000i vs CS7000x

The main differences between Brother CS7000i and CS7000x are: The Brother CS7000x includes the Fixed Needle Bar feature for improved stability while sewing. The dimensions of both models vary the Brother CS7000x offers a slightly larger brand new design.

Can I use metal bobbins in My Brother sewing machine?

Can I interchange metal and plastic bobbins if they are the same size? Metal bobbins and plastic bobbins of the same size can NOT be swapped. Machines are set for a very precise tension setting. If they are set for a lighter plastic bobbin, the tension will change if a heavier metal bobbin is used.

Can the brother CS7000i sew denim?

Can the Brother CS7000i sew thick fabrics like denim or leather? The Brother CS7000i sewing machine is not a heavy-duty sewing machine, so it’s not going to perform as well as a sewing machine made for thick fabrics.

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Are Brother sewing machines good quality?

Both Singer and Brother produce quality sewing machines that are easy to use and can sew many types of projects. The stitches are accurate. And the machines are good for beginners and will grow with you.